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Enviable ways to Enjoy your weekends in Ghana

For people who work five days a week, weekends are really special days that need to be enjoyed the best way possible. To some, it is just a time for cleaning and laundry. But to those who work on shift bases and can have other free days before the weekend arrives, it is simply a sabbath period.

In this article we will discuss some of the best ways that one can enjoy his weekend.

Regardless, the group you belong to, weekends are special. They are not like any other day. Even though you might have other free days within the week, weekends represent a period where so many people are home. Weddings and funerals usually take place on weekends and that represents one of the reasons why they are not same as other days.

The three ways below are some of the brilliant ways to spend your weekend:

1.      Going to the Beach or the Pool Side

Weekends can be enjoyed on the beach or at the pool. Most beaches are now closed due to Covid-19, but some other beaches where there is usually no crowd are still open to visitors. On a weekend you can either go to these beaches as an individual or as a family. Going to these places can help you to socialize with new people, change environment and even learn to swim. Single people might even meet their life partners at these places.


2.      Visiting Family and Friends

One can enjoy the weekend by visiting friends and family members. The essence of family is to have someone to talk to. These days the extended family system seems to be breaking due to urbanization and the demands of work. People seem to be more interested in status and money than being social humans. Visiting a family or friend to talk about just anything and eat together can be some of the best ways to pass time and also be some of the fondest shared memories.


3.      Undertake Charity

On weekends, many people patiently wait for Sunday to go to church and give their share of tithe and offertory based on what they have earned throughout the week. What we hardly see is the impact of these gifts on the poor people in our communities.

We mostly only see big church edifices built by these offerings and tithe which nobody stays in excepts on Sundays. Dedicating your weekend to do some philanthropy can be very fulfilling. It can help you appreciate how blessed you are and how you can positively touch the life of a poor neighbour.

Weekends are very important so let us all do our best to use them wisely.

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