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Do You Know Why The Aged Folks are Sometimes Called 'Witches' or 'Wizards'

There is a saying that everyone has been a child before but an adult, not all of us have experienced that before which makes sense because it can be that we were probably dead after childbirth or right before adulthood.

Growth is a challenge because of decisions one has to make and owning up to things. 

And also growth is mainly like schooling where you move from class to class due to your physical development or intelligence. Growth is progressing from an initial stage to a much higher stage just like in humans where we move from infancy - toddler - childhood - adolescence, and finally into adulthood.

And in every stage of development, we do experience physical development which makes us do things differently from the previous stage. 

So when an individual Is aged he or she experiences physical change and, sometimes, mental changes. This sometimes confuses young people especially the mental change in showing disrespect and others name-calling. 

Older people being called names is something which has been going on whenever there is no progress in a person's life or household. 

Remember to be Aged is a blessing 'cause millions of people couldn't clock the age 70 which is the normal age for mankind, so let's respect the aged and them show love like the way they did when we were growing up.

Check Your Past before you call people witch or wizard 'cause who knows maybe you are!

Let's not think the worst for people always, Let's make Grandma and Grandpa proud.

Wish You Long Life, Good Health, And Happiness


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