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Road Accident

I was surprised when I regained consciousness with no legs

Some people believe that life is what you make it, others say that life makes them what they are today. Since they do not have the power to change whatever that happens to them and why it happens. Today we bring you a story of an old man who is living without legs. Surprisingly, though he do not have legs, he does not need them at all, because he believes whatever goes off in a human's body never comes back.

He is a man with a family that he has to take care of, but unfortunately, there is no where that he can work and take care of them due to his disability. He was born as a normal person, he grew and turned into a man. He fell in love with a woman, they got married and started a perfect family at Tanzania. They were happy about their family. He worked at a place where they offloaded and loaded food trucks to sell in a neighbouring country. This is where he gets money to take care of his entire family. One day he came back very happy because he has received his salary, and the next morning he headed back to work as usual.

But while he was on his way, things turned out so bad for him, he was crossing the road and was hit by an overspending truck. He was unconscious and woke up again at the hospital and was shocked when he noticed that both his legs were not there. The people that saw his accident said that, he was crossing the road and the truck lost control, knocked him down and crashed his legs. When the driver saw what has happened, he drove off and never came back.

He was rushed to a nearby hospital but was still unconscious. The doctors could not save his legs because they were crushed to the worst. The only option that was left was to cut both of his legs off to save his life. Obviously both his legs were cut off, he was shocked that he could not feel his legs neither could he see them because they were gone. He kept wondering why he was at hospital. A few minutes later, his wife came in and was crying, that was when she has received the news about what has happened to her husband and she was confused.

They did not know how they were going to manage a life without his financial support. Because the man was the only who was one working in their family. The old man felt like life is now meaningless to him, he can not work to support his family anymore. He asked himself the purpose of living a life without legs. Thinking about that he made the worst decision of his entire life, he thought about a lot of things whiles he was lying on the hospital bed.

His treatment was very expensive and his family did not have money to afford it, neither did they have a job. Which means he has become a burden for them. When the doctor that always come and asked money for his treatment, the old man told him everything. He asked the doctor to kill him because he knew that, with such disability, he was going to be a serious burden to his family. He has some little money from his salary, he was ready to give it to his doctor to end this suffering and pain.

The doctor agreed to inject him with medicine that will end his life. As they were talking about this, they totally had no idea that someone was listening to them. That person went to his wife and told her what the husband was up to. She quickly went to convinced him that it was a very bad idea, they are ready to live with him. When the doctor came to finish the job, they called it off and used the entire salary to settle the hospital bills and came back home.

The old man was depressed and his wife was scared that he will still find a way to kill himself. They moved back to their own country because, living in a foreign country was also becoming too hard since none of them was working. They still have to find a way to get food for themselves, otherwise they were going to starve to death. They came back home but still life was not the same for them.

The only way they were going to survive is that, if they sit at busy places like markets to beg for coins. So his wife started working because their children has stopped going to school. The couple could not afford paying their school fees, so they stayed at home and help their parents to do their work. The wife started washing clothes and cleaning for people so that they can get some money. Later she managed to send her children to school. The man also takes care of some people's cattle for money, which was not easy for him. He says that he has failed to give a good life to his family.

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