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New Month Money, New Month Money Make This Soap Avery Month And You Will Never Lack Money

Open ways, bandage removal , favour and attention ( 3 In 1 soap).

Favour is one of the most important thing that we need in life in order to prosper and God has given us herbs that can help wash some negative waves around and bring us closer to our destiny helpers for the betterment of our lives.

These two works won't cost you much. Regardless of the element you are using , it will definitely work for you. These are the two soaps I bath before and during my travel last week when I visited a friend. After bathing this so for some time Money f noavour located me from so many directions even unknown people dash me money. Like surprise! I can't begin to list other good things I got during and after my journey. God is too wonderful. Now these are the works

First one

Get fresh tomato leaves and pound with any soap ( joy, Lux, Ghana soap). Put the mixture inside white plastic that has cover and cover it nicely. You will be bathing this soap at night before sleeping , using new local sponge .

Second one

Get fresh succulent upper part of cassava leaves and pound with any soap( Joy, Lux, Ghana soap) . Put the mixture into a plastic that has a cover and close it nicely. You will be bathing with this soap early morning before sun set with a new local sponge.

After bathing this soap, allow the water to dry on your body

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