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Ministry of Education Advice Students To Stay Away From Going To Beaches

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Today marks the celebration of Easter in Ghana.

This easter festival is celebrated by all christians in the whole world.This christian festival is celebrated to remember the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and His resurrection from the death.Christians believe that through this festival,all their sins will be forgiven by God.

As today marks the beginning of the celebration of Easter,the Ministry of Education together with the Minister of Education have assign an Easter holiday to all students in Ghana.All students in Ghana are to go home and celebrate this important festival today.

Because sometimes during this festival most students attend beaches and other places for enjoyment, the ministry of education, together with the minister of education have send an urgent information to all students in Ghana.

In the information it is written,

The ministry of education restricts all students from going to beaches to enjoy this festive season.If any student is caught by the police at any beach in Ghana,that person will be fined and .punished by the police.All parents should not allow their kids to go to any beach in Ghana.

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