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Do this and a witch or a wizard can never enter your house

Most of us burn our worn-out slippers or simple trow them way but do you know our worn-out slippers can protect us? You will cherish your slippers after today.

Witches normal visit their victims during the day after they had tried their evil manipulations in the night without success to accomplish their mission. We mostly say we live in a wicked world.

Ho to go about it

Get an old slippers of yours

Get a nail

Get a rope

Neil the nail on your entrance

Pray asking for protection from witchcraft manipulations as you hang the old slippers

Tie the rope on the slippers and hang it on the nail on your entrance

If you do not have a rope use the nail to Neil the slippers on your entrance.

Do this in faith and no witch or wizard can ever enter your house.

Friends all of a sudden will begin to distance themselves from your house, every effort to have them come to your house will prove futile. They will give you over thousand reasons why they can not come.

Some people that are suppose to speak with you will begin to speak with you from outside your house. They will either call you to come outside refusing to come inside even if you insist or they will be outside while speaking with you inside.

Be causcious of people that distance themselves after you undertake this exercise.

Do not allow the words of people to influence you to take it down. Some people will speak to you out of ignorance, others too will do that on purpose, just for you to remove it for them to have their way in your house.

I am unapologetically an African, a person of Melanin. We are people that do not dwel into sin, people of nature.

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