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5 Best Street Smarts Advice

It doesn’t matter how book smart you are. Statistically speaking, when it comes to getting the job done, street smarts usually outperforms book smarts. Why? Because street smart is anchored in reality while book smart is anchored in theory! That’s why I always encourage you guys to get both! By the end of this piece, you should have a good idea of how streets smarts can be applied in business and life. Below are 5 best street smarts advice. 


1. Don’t Make It Easy For Them

The first thing you learn is to never be an easy target in life. Don’t walk around all vulnerable and expect the predators to ignore you. A little paranoia goes a long way when you grow up in shady neighbourhoods. In business and life, predators always go for the low hanging fruit.  That’s not where you want to be, your place is at the top. Become hard to get a target and the jackals will ignore you because you’re simply too much work.


2. Look like A Threat or At Least like You Will Fight Back 

Every gable we make in life is based on the risk-reward ratio.  If the reward is big enough, somebody out there is willing to take the risk. Increase the risk of people screwing with you. That’s why the rich always bring the bus of lawyers with them to court. It screams out don’t mess with me for hell will rain on you.

In everyday life, you want to be bold, but not so much that you're issuing a challenge. This is a very important distinction you learn out in the world. Once again, if you seem like the risk of things going south is there, they’d rather go for someone else, that low hanging fruit I mentioned.


3. Money That Has Left Your Hand Is No Longer Yours 

This right here is straight-up facts! The same goes for your bicycle or for playing ball. Some of you learned this lesson the hard way, didn’t you? The opposite is also true: a deal is done only when the money is in your hand. Pay attention to how money is changing hands because money is never actually yours, it’s just your turn to hold it.


4. You Can Always Cut A Deal

Book smart people have no idea what emotional intelligence is and how important it is to talk to people like humans are supposed to. Every time you’re dealing with a human, there’s a deal to be made. Everything in life is negotiable! You just have to ask for the negotiation to begin.


5. Know That Not Everything Shiny Is Gold

Anyone ever tried the gold ring scam on you?  That’s when somebody comes to you holding a gold ring saying you must’ve dropped it.  After you say no, they still offer it to you as a gift and maybe you’ll give them something in return. You take a look at it and it seems like a genuine gold ring so you give them some money and walk with your newfound treasure, only to realize you’ve been scammed.

Rule number 1; Nobody is stupid enough to give you the treasure when they can keep it themselves. 

Rule number 2; If you didn’t earn it, don’t take it.

The first rule speaks to human nature and the second rule speaks to who you are as a person.


Thanks for reading. See you in the next article.

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