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Lady In Critical Condition After Drinking Dettol As She Takes Part In A Social Media Challenge

Challenge just went too far as a lady dwells in critical condition after she takes her shot in a social media challenge.

There is this interesting challenge out there on social media that people are finding it more interesting as dettol is the main material used.

People are doing very well and successfully go through this challenge but was unfortunate for this lady as she has ended up in the hospital or else would have been something else if her friends were not around.

In the video spotted on Instagram, the lady didn't know the where about of challenge. She didn't know the trick of how the dettol was used in the challenge. The trick was that, you take the opened dettol to your mouth as if you are taking in some but no, and pour the rest all over your body.

This lady did not know this trick as she thought was she was was true as they pretend to take in the dettol. She also took in the dettol and continued with the process to the end.

Few seconds later she fell down and there was this whitish thing from her mouth. Her friends quickly tried to stay her alive and rushed her to the hospital.

What is left for her right now is your prayers as she struggles between death and life on the hospital bed.

Watch video below.

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