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Meet the tribe that baths with cow urine which changes the color of their hair (Photos)

There are a lot indigenous African cultures spread across several parts of Africa with many of them being widely accepted and as such have been passed on from several ancestors to the current generations who in turn shall teach their children.

The Mandari tribe (often spelt as Mundari tribe) are but a small ethnic group who are from the same lineage as the karo people who are all Nilotic people of Sudan.The Nilotic tribes consist of peoples who who are indigenous to the Nile Valley who speak Nilotic languages and go by its cultures. They are usually spread around uncivilized parts South Sudan, Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, DR Congo, Rwanda Tanzania among others.

The Mandari tribe are very well known for their unique and weird culture of bathing their hairs with the urine of their cattle which often leads to the bleaching of their hairs into beautiful bright yellowish brown textures which they cherish so much.

Once any of the cattle herders notices or sees any cow trying to urinate he quickly traps the urine with a gourd or bows his head below the cows udder allowing the urine to flow onto him.

Constant practice of this act makes their hair yellowish with time and mostly people with yellowish hair from this practice are the most respected and cherished.

The Mandari tribe are predominantly farmers and cattle herders with the women being very hardworking farmers while the men herd their cattle in day but assist their wives later on. The most important commodity in a mandari clan is cattle as the level of wealth of a man is often determined by the size of his herd.

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