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I can not stop laughing: check out the following funny pictures to make you laugh out loud.

According to the Oxford dictionary, laughter is to "make the spontaneous sounds and movements of the face and body that are instinctive expressions of a lively amusement and also of derision". Laughter can change a person who had a bad day to enjoy some moments of happiness.

Humor and laughter affect the body in so many positive ways. Laughter according to studies increases heart and respiratory rates as well as oxygen consumption over a short period. It has also been proven by science that ten to fifteen minutes of laughter per day can burn ten to forty extra calories in a person.

I have been laughing throughout the writing of this article because of the funny pictures I saw today on some pages am in. I hope they can make you laugh as well. Check out below the following funny pictures that will make you laugh out loud for the whole day.

Please don't forget to follow me and share so that I can give you more of such funny content. Have a nice day and thanks for taking your time to read and enjoy. You can also drop your comments on which of the pictures made you laugh most.

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