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When People Do Not Value You, Do The Following Things

This particular write-up stresses on ten important things to do when people do not value you.

No one respects a person who doesn’t respect themselves, to respect yourself, you must see yourself beyond the eyes of people. Look inwards, who are you? Respect your identity and traits, your genes and body, your intellect and mind, and even if no one gives you value still you are of great value and you must give yourself that value that you want people to give you. You are fine without people, realize that first and then they shall give you value. Also, give value to the thoughts of those people who give you value, be it your parents or grandparents. And you are always of utter value to your creator and your life story.

Build Value. Treat this as a situation, a problem, a challenge in life, and sort it out with a calm mind and the right intent. First of all, look inside, realize yourself, understand yourself, your strengths, flaws, weaknesses, and traits, where do you think you miss? It can be knowledge, nervousness, too much frankness, lack of commitment in you, social anxiety, communication skills, or confidence.

Work upon it. Reading will improve you a lot, read great books, daily read at least 30 pages of a good book, books on mind, subconscious mind, spirituality, personality, self-improvement, and about great people. If you feel people are more interested in any field, be it sports, or politics, build a little command over that field so that you have a lot to talk about a field that fascinates most people. But don’t build strong opinions.

Talking about your interactions, be clear, firm, and let people not give you that much value that you deserve or need. It’s their choice and none of your business. Interact well, don’t talk a lot to convince people about you, walk away when you have to, let them continue or not stop you, feel okay about it, you don’t need to be their priority, but don’t give them overvalue or repeatedly try to lure or convince them. You yourself must give less time to people, greet them, interact a little and move on to the next person, until and unless the other person really wants to interact more, don’t push yourself.

People subconsciously like people who are strong, indifferent, and assertive, weak people are exploited. There must be some amount of fear and respect in people for you. Don’t take bullying or offensive jokes, don’t talk to that person further. Be busy on your phone, happy and involved even if no one is interested in you, it shouldn’t matter to you. When you leave a person, leave like you compulsorily have to leave, don’t be shaky and eager for them to stop. A strong personality also requires strong commitment, standing by your words and decisions, and having your priorities clear in life. Have a vision for your life and stand by it, and high moral values also add strength to your personality.

Enjoy being cornered, enjoy being alone in solitude, reduce the value of people up to a limit where they don’t matter at all, just a few people in the crowd of crores and crores, and you are special, much more than anyone alone or a group of people. Also, have a part-time activity to engage in when people ignore you or you feel alone in a crowd, reading, games, entertainment, music, etc. Be busier for people.

Be a busy person, with a goal and aim in life beyond just the approval of people. Always have something pending, some self-improvement or growth-related related task. Don’t be freely available to people, even if you have free time. Avoid attending some interactions or meetings.

Don’t speak too much and don’t take conversations ahead until you feel that the other person is really interested. Observe people more, understand what they like or prefer in life, their choices, point of view, and opinions, and support them and give them good reasons for their opinions, “yes, you are right because” “I agree” Talk about what the other person likes to talk the most about.

Observe the people you admire, look upon or other people look upon, observe and understand their thought process, conduct, and way of life, compare it with yours in a progressive way and identify the scope of improvement. Work upon it. But please don’t compare unique aspects like looks or intelligence.

Also, be helpful without any expectations, just to build a rapport, but without compromising your own needs. Give people something for free and walk away.

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