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MONEY: How to attract it naturally.

Money has always been the target of almost every human being, if not all humans.

Many people have sought for and are still seeking for the best way to make money.

In this article, I want to share a great lesson I have learnt from an Indian Yogi known as Sadhguru.

First of all, I have come across this knowledge that money is not made but gotten. The more harder you try to fight for money, the farther it goes away from you. But rather, money is gotten by following this simple principle.

A popular Indian Yogi shares his knowledge and says that, "You don't have to fight for money, but rather, chase your dreams and money will follow you wherever you go."

This simply means that money making is made possible by following what you strongly desire and have interest in.

If you really want to be rich like the likes of Bill Gate, Jeff Bezos, Dr. Osei Kwame and Dr. Kwaku Oteng just to mention a few, you have to chase your dreams and have a target of bringing something that will make the life of people better.

For example, Bill Gate realised his dream of becoming a tech expert and then invented Microsoft which has helped to solve the problems of other people .

If you really want to be rich, follow your dreams and make your dreams have a positive impact on the lives of humanity.

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