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Five Ways To Get Rid Of Bedbugs Overnight and Permanently In Your Home.

What is a bedbug one may ask? Bed bugs are tiny insects that look like a cockroach that feed on only human blood. If you have these insects in your room, you don't see them in the daytime because they only operate at night. They can multiply real quick if proper care is not taken. In this article, I will be talking about how to get rid of bedbugs at home the natural way if all the chemicals in the market prove futile. Here is how to know if you are dealing with bedbugs.

red stains. If you see red or rusty-colored stains on your mattress or bedding, it’s most likely dried blood from these bugs.


 Eggshells are not that easy to spot because they tend to be small and are lighter in color, but keep an eye out for specks of white or ivory on your bed, carpet, or even your furniture as these are eggshells of bed bugs.

Black dots.If you spot tiny dark stains or black dots on your bed or mattress, these may be fecal matter, as well as the skin of younger bugs when they shed.

Living bed bugs.Although these insects are tiny, they can grow bigger and more visible after they have fed. If you spot them on your furniture or your bed, you will need to take steps to kill bed bugs immediately. Now when you are sure it is bed bugs then follow the procedures below.

1. Reduce Hiding Spots and Cut Down on Clutter. Before you start treating these bugs, first consider getting rid of anything unneeded such as old magazines and newspapers, and old clothes. Anything that makes the room to be untidy should be moved out for it to be hard for them to hide. Mind they have a lot of places to hide like Mattresses, box springs, bed frames, curtains, corner of carpets, corner inside dresses, cracks on walls and wallpapers, and upholstered furniture.

2. Steaming: Use a steamer to get rid of them by letting the steam get to all the suspected areas they may be hiding. It is always hard for them to overcome heat which is why they usually hide in the day.

3. Use baking soda: Another effective alternative for home remedies to get rid of bed bugs is baking soda, which dehydrates the bugs by removing moisture. You can sprinkle a light layer of baking soda on areas you think these critters are staying in. Let the powder sit for a week before using your vacuum cleaner to suck up everything. You will need to do this often until there are no bugs or eggs left.

4. Wash with hot water: If you suspect that bed bugs have made a home in your bedding, blankets, and even your clothes, it’s time to give your items a thorough wash. It’s important to use hot water when washing these items, as long as they can withstand the heat, to kill bed bugs. Heat treatment is an effective method for getting rid of these pesky creatures because they get dehydrated due to the intense heat. Place your clothes and linens in the dryer too to give them another dose of heat. The bed bugs will have little chance of surviving this.

5. Rubbing alcohol: This works just like acetone fingernail polish remover does. It dries up the bed bug and kills it on contact. All it takes is pouring some on live bed bugs or rubbing it on the mattress and watch while they shrivel up.

Thank you for reading. Please share with others if you find this educative and follow for more.

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