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Top 10 funny jokes of the day. Do not open if you cannot control your laughter.

Doctors say laughing make us live long, let's some moments and laugh to boost our immune system.

Fine girl, nice waist and bright skin but, cooks jollof rice and it tastes like Jatalayo Herbal Mixture. You are doing well

Beautiful girls never post themselves daily But, this second version of lizards looking like hungry desert grasshoppers will make an album on their status. This is not my handwriting oooo

My chicken ran away today. In case you see a white fowl with 2 legs. Please call me immediately. Am the owner ooo.

If i text you and you reply after 15 minutes i will also reply after 15 minutes you are not a celebrity.

I think we should organise a day and walk naked in memory of Adam and Eve

Getting pregnant for a guy named Peter is dangerous, he denied Jesus 3 times, imagine a pregnancy, he will even say he does not know women even exists.

Your Girlfriend is not your wife, stop acting like a Commander in Chief.

You are dating a married man and you are upset because he saved your name with engine oil, are you not a service station?

Some guys will be going to Gym at all times only to come out looking like improper fraction"big head, broad shoulder, big chest, and toothpick leg

I was driving Range Rover in my dream last night until someone slapped me and said " stop pushing the bed to the kitchen.

Thank you for reading.

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