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The Strangest Festival In Ghana: Check Out How The People Of Gomoah Fetteh Celebrates Atopa Festival

Ghana is a land of joy and unity, but the only issue we face is fixing the system, and we might be standing shoulder to shoulder with other developed countries since we have everything a nation needs to succeed.

Aside from the obvious natural resources like as gold, lumber, cocoa, bauxite, diamond, manganese, oil, and aluminum, there are additional tourist-drawing items that, if addressed seriously, may create enough foreign cash for the country. Each of the country's tribes has a number of festivals to commemorate. Aboakyire, odwira, homowo, and hogbetso are some of the most well-known. The Atopa festival, which is celebrated by the people of Gomoah Fetteh in the Central region, appears to be gaining popularity in Ghana and beyond.

Every year in the month of September, the Atopa festival is held. The chief and elders of the Gomoah Fetteh land perform rituals to a little pond under a tree on the white sand beach before the festival begins. The pond is hidden beneath a tree and is thought to have been the source of drinking water for the land's progenitors. After conducting this rite, a white cloth is wrapped around a stool, and tradition has it that the stool will choose someone to carry it.

According to legend, the person chosen by the gods to carry the stool is unable to remove it off his head until the gods decide to do so. The person will occasionally carry the stool and walk around the entire town for hours before the stool falls off their heads. After that, the genuine enjoyment, the Atopa part, begins in the evening at 3 o'clock and continues until one becomes exhausted.

Although it is the culture of a certain tribe, many people believe this festival must be abolish because it is outmoded and does not teach any good morals. What do you make of this festival?

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