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Did You Know Abuse Is Cycle? Check It Out Now.

Women around the world suffer daily from all forms of abuse. Talk about verbal, emotional, mental and physical abuse to crown it all.

The most talked about, domestic violence or physical abuse is the most common form of abuse among women. This has lead to lots of lives being lost.

A lot of these victims, are abused by their spouses. They usually stay with their abusive spouses usually not just because they love them, but because they're scared society will judge and criticize them when they do. We usually just tell the victims to leave their abusers. We usually get angry at the victims when they don't.

They're usually judged and looked at as 'fools' when they still stay with their abusers. What we don't know is that abuse doesn't just happen it's a cycle. Want to know more about the cycle of abuse? Stay with me then.

1. Tensions build. At this stage, there's an increase in tension. The victim feels a need to placate the abuser and is full of fear.

2. The incident happens. This is where the mental, verbal, emotional abuse and you mention it happens. There's also a build up of anger on the side of the abuser usually. The blame game also sets in. Intimidation, threats and arguments also add up to the situation. The victim is usually left broken, in pain and in tears as well.

3. Reconciliation. This is the phase where the victim and the abuser get over their differences. The abuser apologises to the victim, gives excuses and blames the victim for the abuse. Even sometimes they deny the intensity of the abuse. This is where they usually gift the victims to cover up their faults.

4. Calm. This is also known as the problem-free stage or the 'honeymoon' phase. Here both parties move past the abuse and leave it behind. They live like it never happened.

In my opinion most women end up in abusive marriages because of the pressure society gives them to settle down. The same society criticizes them when they leave abusive marriages. Society believes that a strong woman is one that's able to stay with abusive partner, which is so not right.

Thank you so much for reading. Is there any point I didn't add? Feel free to add it in the comment section. Kindly like and share this. Do follow me as well. Keep safe and mask up. Till next time be safe. Bye!!

Content created and supplied by: Mandeiya (via Opera News )


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