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Literature Poetry

Smile into the weekend with these funny pictures

Once again, the weekend has given us a meticulous knock at our doorstep. We are grateful to God for sustaining us through the numerous weeks as well as the hardships and stress that came with it. Tonight is certainly going to see us rejoice and guess why I am saying this? It's the weekend.

Fridays are all fun and to make the fun more interesting, I have come to you once again with pictures which I think will get your diaphragm contracting and relaxing in a rhythmic pattern.

Like I always say, putting up articles like these is a great problem for me. This problem is how relative ones views concerning "funny" might be. Looking at these pictures, I find them extremely funny but I know some people will look at them and be like, "What is funny over here?" This is why I try my best to bring out the best pictures I come across during the week with the assurance that even if most of them appear not to be interesting to the viewer, at least two or three of them would come to the rescue.

I am no prophet but I do know that after going through this article, you are really going to appreciate the work I put into this craft with laughter all over your beautiful face. As usual, I compiled five funny pictures which will make your weekend interesting. Let us move through them one after the other.

1. This picture reminds me of a famous story book I read during my days in the primary school. The book was titled, "Abukayoyo and the wicked barber" and the cover of that book portrayed a picture similar to the one below. I don't know why some people will decide to shave others knowing well that they have no experience with the blade. Looking at the picture below, no one will tell you to laugh. He really did her dirty.

2. This is what happens when you don't have a passport but still dearly want to leave your country. So this guy really thinks he will make it? Well, I'm wishing him Godspeed in this journey he is about pursuing.

3. When you have already received 5 injections and you see the nurse coming in with another syringe.

4. Men, when she does that, know that you are about to be doomed. This is a trap, don't fall victims. This lady over here is probably going to make this man go bankrupt before they leave the ATM machine.

5. So this lady over here saw this beautiful dress online and decided to order the same kind of dress. This is how it ended.

Well, maybe it would look the same if she wears a long wig and poses just like how the lady has done over there.

This is where I end it all. Kindly let me know what you think about this article. If you find anything wrong with it, kindly let me know in the comment section so I know how to come up with a better one should in ase I decide to write an article of this sort. Remember to stay safe during this weekend. Have a nice day.

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