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Checkout the world most dangerous records that might leave you in shock

The way people risk their lives nowadays for certain titles is just amusing, why should a human being risk his or her life just for fame. Anyway, do I have to judge or challenge? Maybe not, it's their choice so I have to respect it but it's just insane.

This guy had a very risky and dangerous record. He hanged on a rock with his leg on and body just below the ocean. He maintained that position for more than 1 hour and if he should lose a little guard, he will end up falling into the ocean and dying instantly.

But he succeeded and that's how come he got that record. He was lucky indeed that he did not fail because it was about life and death.

This guy also had a dangerous record. I don't know much about heights but I can say that he jumped into an infinity feet water sliding fall and managed to come out safe and unharmed. He could have died but luckily survived.

This guy also setted an unbreakable but dangerous record which I guess no mam can break as the name suggest. He rode a bike down around the sliding waterfall without falling into it and managed to drive back after a few stunts.

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