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Reasons Why Customers Prefer Certain Products Over Others

The customer is king. Long reign the king or queen. However, understand that the king is often an irrational beast. Customers rarely buy purely because an offering is high quality. No matter how educated or experienced the customer, the customer is still only human, and humans make decisions as much for emotional as rational reasons.

Let's take a few examples. Fast-food purveyors McDonald's thrive on selling Happy Meals to parents not because of the quality of the plastic toys, but because the toys allow the parents precious minutes of peace and quiet during meal times. Companies such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton do not merely sell clothing and products; they sell an aura of status, sophistication, and luxury that allows consumers to feel rich, glamorous, successful, and beautiful. Apple iPods sell as much for the grace of their fit and finish as for their functionality. It's quite straightforward really. Customers buy for one of two reasons. Either a product makes them feel good or it avoids them feeling bad.

On the good side, maybe it makes customers feel calm or secure or satisfied or superior to their friends. Perhaps it helps them feel pampered or loved or safer or at peace with themselves.

Avoiding bad feelings may be to do with reducing the pain, hassle, guilt, or frustration they might otherwise feel. Or the best reason of all is that your product or service saves them money or the pain of having to spend more money elsewhere.

If what you are proposing to offer doesn't do one of the two, you run the risk of developing a solution in search of a problem. Only when you can make your customers solve their problems and feel good about themselves will you find them embracing your product and evangelizing about it.

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