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Theft robbery

"It seems there are more guns in the system than ever" - Netizen

The criminal cases in the country keep escalating at a faster rate, which seem so worrying so far as the reputation of Ghana is concerned.

This then raises a very critical concern as to what is really happening to the security system currently.

We are all aware about the shaking and weakening state of our internal, and rarely, the international framework of the country's security outlook.

People are crying that the economy is hard, hoping that it gets fixed as soon as possible so that their lives would be improved, but coupled with the stressful condition is the poor state of our security system.

In the past, rarely would you hear that armed robbers have attacked someone for a money, killed or stolen precious items from a very tight security zone, but this has been the order of the order now.

What is more worrying and surprising is how civilians manage to get hold of unregistered guns.

It appears that everyone is doing whatever they want without any intelligent monitoring and checks by security officials and experts.

It is near a conclusion that most of our security services and personnel are not performing up to expectations, looking at how unreliable the system has become.

Just look at what happened in Western Region, regarding the kidnapped girls, yet no effective and rigorous efforts have been made by them to protect the entire citizenry against further happenings.

We can't forget what happened to Anas' right-hand man, Ahmed Hussein-Suale - how he was sadly and suddenly assassinated by unknown criminals.

Assassination cases keep rising, with theft cases increasing at a faster rate than we can imagine.

Do we still confidently believe that Ghana is a peaceful and God-fearing nation or we are just hypocritically deceiving ourselves?

Should we then accept that the military, police and other security services have failed the country?

As we are currently interacting, a gun battle incident has occurred in Gonja, leaving one person dead.

I believe the President, Minisiter for National Security and the entire security services will be in the best position to provide the most convincing and requisite answers to that incident.

Roland Walker shared this story on his Facebook page, and as usual some Ghanaians have reacted to it.

Below is a comment from a Netizen:

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