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The military is not to be blamed for the recent attacks in Bawku(opinion)

The recent conflicts in Bawku seems to be affecting the livelihood of people in the community, especially the youth. Some residents in the community seems not to be helping the military in resolving this issue. This is because the identity of shooters and that of attackers are not revealed to the security personnel’s by the people. The people in the community seems to be shielding the culprits, and this makes things difficult for the police and military.

The military on the other hand has been criticized by the public on how they are handling the issue, putting the blame on the military of which we see to be barbaric and wrong on the side of the public. The conflict in Bawku has been there for more than a decade, and this has caused us a lot of time, lives and money as a country. The people in Bawku are to be blamed, this is because protecting the culprits behind these atrocities is a big issue at hand, the president on the other hand seems to be fed up. A Facebook post made by a resident in Bawku clearly proves why the government needs to sit with the two parties to solve this issue.

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