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How 24 years old Ethiopia's soldier survived in 11 hours gun battle

It has been hard to get exact data about the contention between the military and the Tigray in light of a correspondence communication blackout in the district. 

Sergeant Bulcha disclosed to columnist when talked with, saying,I was at a camp close to Adigrat city, near the border with Eritrea. At around 11:30 on 3 November, I, and the other soldiers, got an instant messages from our confidants at the base in Agula town - about 30km (18 miles) north-east of the Tigray capital, Mekelle - saying: "We are encircled. In the event that you can come and protect us, come." 

Not long from that point, our camp was likewise encircled, with several TPLF special force and civilian armies having taken up situations outside. A portion of the Tigrayan fighters - who had left our camp before - were with them. 

We went to the colonel who held the way in to the storeroom where our weapons were kept. We instructed him to open it.He can't, saying he didn't have requests to do as such. He was a Tigrayan, and we associated he was part with the arrangement to assault us. 

A few officers contended with him to open the storeroom; others attempted to tear open the entryway. In the end, we got our weapons. The TPLF powers were at that point shooting at this point. 

We took up our situations, inside and outside the camp, utilizing rocks, barrels, dividers as shields. It was around 01:00 when the fight began. 

There was a distance of close to 50m (164ft) among us and them. 

We murdered more than 100 of them. They murdered 32 of us. In my unit, one kicked the bucket and nine were injured. 

A large portion of our demises were brought about by the Tigrayan officers who had deserted to the opposite side. 

The fight went on for around 11 hours until early afternoon when our senior leaders requested us to quit battling, return our weapons to the storeroom, and to return to our rooms. We complied. 

Presently the ministers and older folks of the town came. They arranged an acquiescence. At around 16:00, we were requested to hand over the entirety of our military assets to the TPLF powers. Once more, we complied. 

At that point, we were advised to gather our own possessions and made to move into the lorries. We took our injured with us. We had to abandon the dead.

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