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Top 5 Strongest Air Forces In Africa 2021

An air Force in the broader sense is a branch of the military mainly devoted to air warfare, as opposed to(land)army and Navy. The strength and power of a country lies in several aspects including it's military power, soft power, as well as it's air Force. The air Force of a country represent both the human and the Amory as well as the air power of the country. With a strong air Force a country is able not to only defend itself but also control even the affairs of the countries around it. Countries like China, the US, and the UK are feared and respected depending on which party is at stake because of their air Force strength. In Africa we also have air strong holds countries which by their air Force strength not only they have remarkable in prints when touched but feared by many of it's neighbouring countries.

Among these countries here are the top five African countries with the strongest air Force in 2021.

5. Nigerian Air Force

Even being one of the most populous countries in Africa, the Nigerian Air Force is ranked fifth strongest air Force in Africa with aircraft strength of over 300. The Nigerian Air Force is the youngest branch of the Nigerian Armed Forces and one of the longest in Africa consisting of about 50,000 personnel and aircrafts. Starting from 1960 till date the Nigerian Air Force have led it mark for being an important peace keeper in Africa and has contributed massively to this mission.

4. South African Air Force

With a military budget of $4.9 billion, the South African Air Force is ranked fourth strongest and enforced to reckon with in Africa. The South Africa Air Force which was established on 1st February 1920 with its headquarters at Victoria has since served in world war two and the Korean war. The South African Air Force is amongst the most equipped in Africa and there was a time when they had up to six nuclear weapons before it was dismantled in 1991 after signing the nuclear non- proliferation treaty.

3. Ethiopian Air Force

The Ethiopian Air Force is king with the defence of $340 million, 3000 plus personnel and up to 80 aircrafts. The Ethiopian Air Force is ranked the third strongest Air Force in Africa in 2021. The Ethiopian Air Force is the Air Force of Ethiopia and a branch of Ethiopian national defence forces which is tasked with protecting the national air space, providing the support to ground forces as well as assisting several operations during national emergency. Getting into this prestigious service is as tough as it is satisfying when you are accepted. The Ethiopian Air Force has proven over time that they are not the force to reckon with.

2. Algerian Air Force

Located in the North of Africa, Algeria is a nation of strong defence force which spends heavily on it's military and according to recent statistics they have the largest military bodies in Africa. The Algerian Air Force is beaten by only one in the entire continent as it is the second strongest Air Force in Africa.

1. Egyptian Air Force

Moving over to the king of military defences is what most African countries have done when it comes to Egypt as they have the strongest in Africa and the world. Which is why it comes as a surprise that Egypt has the strongest Air Force in Africa. The Egyptian Air Force has more warships and other modern aircrafts defense tools than Israel's defense forces, Egypt have succeeded in peace keeping missions with great performances in home and abroad.

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