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Check Out The 5 Facts About A Soldier

5 Facts About A Soldier

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When I was growing as a child, I was thinking the hardest and scary job on earth is to be a soldier. My bad thinking around the job itself only make the job more scary. What I knew is all about going to war and die. Now, I know the truth about the job. 

Today, my article seeks to explain 5 facts about a soldier. Selecting military as a job is the dangerous and strenuous one to think of. After your decision to be a member military, you should know that you have affirm your passion to fight and defend your country whenever it needs you. Military comprises the; Police force, Navy Force, Soldier and Airline Force just to mention few.

These are the 5 facts about a soldier :

1. They are self-discipline. That's growing to be a man. Most of soldiers are discipline in discharging their duties. Have you ever meet a soldier misbehaving in public? Some do misbehave but not to the high esteem. So in a they have a matured mind.

2. They get better health care. Due to the nature of their work, every country cheerish their soldeirs. They don't join the quee whenever they go to public hospitals. Sometimes, this better health care services cover their families too. Also, in times of crisis, the soldiers are only guaranteed jobs if any.

3. They are given self-respect in the family. Every family cheerish their young ones who devote themselves to defend the country and the world at large. They are also consider worthy asset the family possess. Soldiers, also have no tramau against themselves and others because of the kind of training they are given.

4. Others will look up to you forever. And you get to wear the medals and ribbons that others aren’t allowed to. There’s that old cliché, “There’s something about a man in uniform!” You can also be a mentor to others who think they cannot do the job.

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5. Many soldiers do great jobs of job training for the futures of their personnel. You can get trained in such fields as computer programming, engineering, medical personnel, secretary and commander just to mention a few.

Telling you this means, you have to get the passion for the job before you join. Don't join if you don't have passion to fight. As I said before, today's article is to tell you 5 facts about a soldier.

These are some photos to show you what goes on in the soldiers camp.


What do you also know about this Job?

Thank you for reading and watching.

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By: Larbi Daniel Paa Kojo (1LARBI)

Date: 15th August, 2020.

Content created and supplied by: 1LARBI (via Opera News )

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