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Whoever Gave The Key To The Soldier To Aim And Shoot At The Unarmed Protester Must Withdraw That Key

Most of the time when evil men and wicked people succeed in destroying just and innocent people, The world normally concludes that life is not fair. But in the books of the creator of the heavens and earth, life is fair. The earth and everything in the earth were created to function in fairness. This is why death is never the end of anything. In many cases, death is rather the beginning of so many things. For example, the death of Yeshua was the beginning of the biggest change mankind will ever experience. The change from the curse of the law of death to the law of life.

Ghana as a country has been experiencing a lot of innocent deaths in the quest for earthly power by men and the zeal to acquire easy riches and wealth. For some reason, no one seems to care about this trend. It seems the country has been silently covenanted to an altar of tyranny that rules behind the scenes. An altar that feeds on innocent blood and glorifies anything evil.People are rewarded for telling lies and killing innocent people. If you are not part of the system that worships and glorifies anything evil, you become a potential victim of evil and wickedness. In all these, it seems the one who sits on top of the affairs of earthly power has become like a man who indulges in a sex position where he sits on top and does nothing whilst the woman does all the job

The dark cloud that has built up over this country is beginning to empty itself. The blood of the innocent is crying out from the ground to God.It's like a natural mystic flowing through the air and building up more anger

This country needs to be fixed and it must start by ceasing the flow of innocent blood. Whoever gave the keys to people who preside over the alter of tyranny to use their fellow human beings openly for money rituals must withdraw that key. Whoever gave the keys to people to beat and murder their fellow human beings for demanding a better Ghana must withdraw that key. Whoever gave the Key to the soldier to shoot unarmed protesters must withdraw that key

The battle of the righteous and the just is always the Lord's. Let no man or woman be deceived and confused by earthly power and riches. When the creator of the heavens and the earth avenges the blood of the just and the righteous, the wicked and evil men will fall no matter how rich or powerful they become on this earth

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