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VIDEO: Is That How To Train Ladies For A Navy Job? - Netizens 'Blast' Navy Officers

Some Navy men have recorded how they train ladies for a Navy job but their actions have been heavily criticized by some netizens who came across this video. Naturally, you cannot compare a lady's strength and boldness to a man so some social media users expected that these Navy Officers should have been a little bit gentle with these ladies.

Checking the video very well, it appears the Navy officers want the ladies to jump willingly from the ship into the sea but all the ladies were very afraid. In view of this, they really struggle with these ladies before they throw them into the sea by force.

Looking at the picture above, three Navy officers surrounded the lady trying to convince her to jump into the sea but she refused. So they carry her and threw her into the sea. The lady was seen screaming heavily before she enters the sea.

The lady in your picture below tried to cover the nose before entering the sea but she was pushed unexpectedly into the sea.

Some people said that this is really inhuman. Because of the small job these ladies would get, look at how they are treating them. Others also said that the Navy Officers did nothing wrong. The ladies have to be trained on how to swim because that is the job they have chosen. Why didn't they stay home if they were afraid?

You can also watch the video through the link below:

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