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Latest News: Upper West Regional minister explain the fight against terrorism in the Region

Severe Military Patrol have been seen in parts of the Upper West Region including the Wa Municipality.

The Upper West Regional Minister,Dr.Hafiz Bin Salih has made sense of why Military Men have been seen Patrolling in most parts of the Upper west Region during the day and in the evening times.

In a interview at Radio Upper west, the Regional Minister showed that the Akuffo Addo drove Government is good to go to keep up with the norm of safety right now noticed and guarantee that psychological oppressors don't track down their direction into the country through the Upper West Region.

"my interpretation of 'see something say something' is that, we all should be cautious, the normal Ghanaian disposition should give way, where they see and notice things however are not ready to give out information,I have consistently shown that our security authorities can't play out any magic,The need information,Vital data, to work with thus us all, when we see any bad way of behaving, any inappropriate movement, we ought to open up to illuminate the suitable Authorities so they make the required move at this point, I am happy with the manner in which our security authorities are acting, they are capable and government is additionally giving it's all".

In the mean time, there were recordings inclusions recommending a fear monger have attacked networks close to the Upper West Region.

The suspect was seen and captured in a shrub at Senyere near Tuna in the Savannah Region.The National Security has from that point forward been educated about the turn of events.

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