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Are The Military Gradually Losing Their Credibility; What Will Happen Afterwards?

The recent happenings in Ghana is a clear signal to all Ghanaians that the Ghanaian military who have been recorded on numerous occasions for brutalizing citizens have lost some credibility or is about to lose the credibility they earned over the past years.

The Ghanaian military has always made to the top in military ranking on the African continent. Due to this, the United Nations has, on several occasions deployed to peace keeping missions mostly to war-torn African states for stability.

But they have not been known in all these years for harassing and intimidating innocent citizens for flimsy excuses just like the one that happened in Wa. And so their credibility has been preserved and their good name maintained.

However, considering the recent happenings where the Ghana Armed Forces will just move to the streets of some Towns and cities sometimes without been ordered to create fear and panic has put their reputation on doubt.

From the general perspective, the military are supposed to be the last resort to any trouble Ghana finds herself but if it becomes otherwise, the military will lose the trust they have earned from both local and international services. And these their acts continue, there might be a day where the people would no longer take or tolerate it which may lead to serious security implications.

After the Wa incident, there have been several reports that the leadership would be visiting the Overlord of the Waala Kingdom to apologize for the irresponsibility of these security officers. But to some of us, apology is not enough to curb the situation. Those military officers must be made to face the law and serve as deterrent to others who have similar diabolic plans and yet to execute them.

As a country that has always been listed among one of the target countries for terrorist, is it right for the military to be intimidating, killing and brutalizing instead of fining innovative ways of combating these terrorists if they make any invasion. What will be our situation, if these thugs enter this country with sophisticated weapons finding us in this our current state of internal imbalance?

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