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GOOD NEWS: Ghana Armed Forces Clears 365 CHANGFANS From 230 GALAMSEY Sites near Pra and Offin Rivers

The prevention of illegal mining popularly known as "Galamsey", was one of the major agenda of the recent government, to protect the interest of the country. As a result, several measures were adapted to curb this deleterious activity which can lead to a lasting negative impact on the country's socio-economic development. However, some 'notorious' Ghanaians who only think of their interest and ignore others (such as the future generations), tend to proceed with this illegal activity (Galamsey) which is gradually leading to the deterioration of our natural environment or resources.

In view of this, several individuals from the nation's Security Services were deployed to areas where such illegal activity is performed to stop it.

Fortunately, these security services which included the Ghana Navy, Soldiers and the Ghana Air Force, have managed to invade the Pra and Offin rivers, which are the two notable mining sites in the country.

Moreover, they managed to identify 230 platforms or sites near the rivers where the Galamsey is performed and also managed to clear and confiscate 365 Chanfans which they mount on the various rivers they mined from.

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