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Traditional weapons before the coming of the white man.

The stone aged man had totally a different lifestyle. This showed in every sphere of their life. Warfare however had been with man since creation.

This borrows credit from the killing of Abel. This shows that warfare had been with man from creation. The existence of warfare means ammunitions of attack and others for protection.

Until recently, man used several weapons to his advantage in terms of warfare.

1. Stone: Stones were used by the men of old to attack and defend oneself. Stone is a powerful weapon which nothing can neutralize. Traditional medicine men have bone witnesses to the fact that stone has no spiritual antidote. David in the Bible used stone to kill the indestructible Goliath.

2. Catapult: A catapult is a traditional weapon made of a rubber string, a wooden handle and a leather porch. It is both used for hunting and warfare. This weapon is used to propel Stones against an enemy.

3. Club: A club is a heavy stick, sometimes with a stone or metal head, used as a hand or throwing weapon and usually shaped or selected with an outer end wider and heavier than its handle. It is used for both hunting and warfare.

4. Animal jaws: Animal jaws in the olden days were used to attack enemies. They were very deadlier as some of them poisonous. Some animals whose jaws served as weapons were donkeys, bulls,horses among many others.

5. Bow and arrows: The bow and arrow is a ranged weapon system consisting of an elastic launching device (bow) and long-shafted projectiles ( arrows). The tips of these projectiles are made of very sharp pointing metals. These metal tips are usually poisoned to enhance an immediate effect on the target. They were used both for hunting and warfare.


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