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What was the terrorist attack 9/11 about

Hi there, I'm David, and if you ever wondered, what americas greatest terrrorist attack was about, then you are at the right place.

On September, 11, 2001, America faced one of the most destructive terrorist attacks in history. Right after this, claims arose that, the attacks were forms of vengeance. But was it?

Some say that the terrorist attacks were in return for America's support of Israel. Others say that they were in response to American troops being stationed in Saudi Arabia since 1991. But, these have only been speculation so far. The truth is, nobody knows why the 9/11 attacks happened. That might be because President Bush has ordered the CIA not to release any information on this matter due to national security.

But what is known are facts about how it started are well recorded by many eye witnesses. For example, Larry Silverstein, did not buy the towers that day. He was also said to have made insane profit over the years, despite having no prior experience in real-estate. His profit margin was $4200 a foot.

Former Fire Chief Mike Callanan, gave a testimony on how he heard loud popping sounds, and then saw a fireball visible from miles away. These noises were coming from the elevator shafts of all three buildings when they were struck.


Most eye witnesses say they heard no airplane before 9/11. The witnesses also say the sounds of the loud explosions were heard from blocks away, but not from the back yards of anyone who had been on 9/11.


There are many significant pieces of evidence proving the government's involvement with 9/11. In fact, some believe there is more than what they do know about this tragedy. For example, New York Times reporter Judith Miller was one of the only journalists to have been given a copy of a Pentagon memo that said that Al Qaeda wanted to hijack a U.S. airplane and fly it into a building.


Even more information about the 9/11 attacks have been leaked that were already deemed classified information. Some people call this act treasonous; others, heroic. We will never know the answer to that question unless the government decides to release all of its records to us, like they should have done after 9/11.

Thanks for reading.

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