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Meet the Aircraft which Operates as a Helicopter and at same time an Aeroplane. See details.

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It is really interesting how technology is really fast changing. No one would have thought that there was going to be a time where a single aircraft could work as a helicopter and at the same time an aeroplane . Introducing the Bell V-280 Valor.

The Bell V-280 Valor is a tiltrotor aircraft developed by Bell and Lockheed Martin for the United States Army's Future Vertical Lift program. The aircraft was officially unveiled at the 2013 Army Aviation Association of America's Annual Professional Forum and Exposition.

The aircraft is purpose-built to revolutionize the reach and effectiveness of each flight while offering greater maneuverability, reduced downtime and flight safety. With over twice the speed and range as current vertical lift assets, the Bell V-280 Valor is going past the finish line at 300 knots.

The aircraft had its first public flight in June 2018 where it reached cruising speeds of 195 knots and was put through its paces in hover mode.

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Army Aviation Association of America Bell V-280 Valor


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