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Meet The Soldier Who Killed Osama bin Laden And Why He Was Fired After The Mission

After an international manhunt lasting nearly a decade since the 9/11 attacks. The 54-year-old Al Qaeda leader was killed in a raid conducted by a team of 23 U.S. Navy Seals. The operation on Bin Laden's hideout compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, lasted 40 minutes.

Osama commited alot of Terrisom acts, bombed many USA embassy including an attached launched on white house. Osama gave USA a tough time that the soldiers had to research deeper and invented tougher ammunitions and weapons to hunt him down.

Former US President Barack Obama planned an ambush on Osama's headquarters at his residence in Pakistan, a town named Abbottabad," where the Führer was assassinated. Six persons worked on the mission, although we were assisted by the Criminal Investigation Agency (CIA). Osama bin Laden was murdered by one of the six.

There are no honors or distinctions in the team's view when it comes to similar missions. While the team members had agreed to keep their promise, one of them went against them and accepted the award. Osama bin Laden was targeted by the six members of the Seal Team O'Neil after he revealed his true identity in an interview that was leaked, according to reliable sources.

According to the Code of Silence, O'Neil was the only person who should have had access to this knowledge. In order to keep the team's secrets safe, the code of silence is an oath that can lead to the death or dismissal of the entire team.

Even though others had missed their shots, O'Neill said he was the only one who managed to get his iron on target. After several years as a member of the team, he was sacked for making this statement. In order to keep the operation under wraps, they have agreed to a strict rule of silence.

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