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Ghana Military At It Again, As They Storm Wa Township Today, Maltreating Citizens. VIDEO

Its been barely 24hours, since the military stormed Ejura, killing two persons and injuring four other persons, following the murder of Macho Kaaka, the 45year old father of five, political and social commentator.

One would have thought that, the security forces would have measured in their actions, but news reports is indicative that, there have been two other of such unprofessional conducts of the security forces, both this afternoon.

In the first instance, the police have fired tear gas and warning shots at the Agbogbloshie Market in what they said is a move to rid the area of hoodlums, as the crowd controlling strategies implemented were necessitated due to some “criminal elements” who tried to disrupt normal business in the area according to the Operation’s Commander, DSP Kwesi Ofori.

Whereas many have condemned this coming barely 24hours after the Ejura incident, there is yet another case of same reckless nature by the security forces. This came to light, as Citi FM's Eyewitness News, broke the news in their main news bulletin tonight.

In the video sighted here at Facebook, an army of uniformed military men, numbering over 30, are seen heading in a particular direction, as many several unarmed citizens, either attempt to hide, remain calm or obviously, to flee from the scene.

The scary scene, according to eyewitnesses on the news program today, have had serious ramifications on the city of Wa, as many are now living in fear and panic.

In the video sighted and link shared above, one man is seen to have been beaten to pulp, as another group of three or five persons are seen been kept subdued in a gutter, with a military man, constantly hitting and slapping them from the first and to the last.

The commentary on the viral video, kept asking how this could be happening in Ghana and was saddened by this level of deterioration of law and order and public safety.

Well, concerning the sub standard democracy we now find our self in as a country, this account of the Executive Director of CDD, Prof. is corroborative, as in a viral Facebook post, he shared that:

"As a keen observer and student, as well as a staunch cheerleader, of Ghana's Fourth Republic democracy right from its inception, it hurts to note and admit that our much-vaunted democracy is backsliding on multiple fronts. Our democracy is under relentless assault from elements within it, all of them beneficiaries of this very democracy, who must help to protect and safeguard it but who, from all indications, do not care much for democracy beyond the opportunity it offers them to access power for self-aggrandizement.

Earlier gains made in our democratic journey, including in such areas as the right to peaceful protest and assembly and the right to freedom of association and speech, and in trust in public institutions like the military and the judiciary, are fast eroding, often to unsurprising applause from self-interested partisans but also to relative silence from civil society and other influential social constituencies, notably the professional classes and the academy. Whatever serves the purposes and interests of transient power and its allies appears now to be the supreme law of the land, however anti-democratic and counter-developmental it is. The rule of power has displaced the rule of law as code of conduct, normalizing impunity for holders of power and their acolytes.

The euphoria and optimism I felt at the first-ever party turnover in government via the ballot box in 2001, a victory to which I contributed my quota before it was fashionable and profitable to do so, has dimmed substantially with time, even as I have tried, against all the odds and evidence, to hold on to faith in the prospect of a better future. From parties to Parliament, every part of our democracy is chronically diseased, with no remedy in sight. We seem almost determined to give democracy a bad name, and hang it! Did we come, or did we go?" he wrote.

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