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After Simon Osei's Justification of Deployment Of Military To Ejura, Are We Back To "Cos 9°"?

Forgive me, if the headline sounds awkward, but after having lost my biological brother to sudden death, some few years back, anytime I hear of anybody's passing, I rally understand the pain, discomfort and hopeless hopes, that bombards the thoughts of the aggrieved people closest to their living relatives.

Let me do this basic analysis here in a short paragraph. A regional minister who was far away in Accra, whiles unrest was expected to happen in Ejura, after one Macho Kaaka had been murdered, orders for the deployment of soldiers to calm tempers and end up firing and killing two citizens and during the first day of the public enquiry, he asserts even forcefully that, his decision was the best. Could this really be?

“Already they had attacked the police station and I had asked the police regional commander to send reinforcement. It has been one of my security strategies since 2017. Where I realised it is difficult for the police alone, I call the military or whichever of the security agencies that will be relevant in that case,” he said, adding that, the urgency of the matter did not make it possible for a meeting to plan a response strategy.

Enough of my seeming emotional sentiments, so lets see the opinion of one of the nation's foremost security expert and academic has to say, as the Director of the Faculty of Academic Affairs and Research of the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre, Professor Kwesi Aning has severally intimated that, the recent military brutalities of some civilians population could lead to a breakdown of the long built civil-military relations in the country.

For him, the military leadership must urgently take actions to address the growing indiscipline among some military personnel in the service. Many will recall that, aside the Ejura unrest, in fact barely 24hours of this sad incident, there were some other related military men at it again, this time in Wa, the Upper West regional capital, who were on rampage, brutalizing unarmed citizens.

Prof. Aning, who was most recently spoke on these military unprofessionalism, whiles speaking on Accra-based Citi FM on Friday afternoon, July 2, 2021, said it was unfortunate that some soldiers instead of putting their training to “good use” will rather turn against the civilian population for no cause, as he proffered that, the actions of the military has a high potency to infiltrate people’s anger against the state.

Again, the security expert says the refusal of the security services and their political masters in engaging citizens has resulted in the brutalities recorded in recent times, as Prof. Kwesi Aning believes that the experiences and observations of citizens must be an integral part of intelligence gatherings by the Police Service and the military.

According to him, the use of brute force on citizens will only degenerate in civil unrest rather than pouring water on troubled waters. “As citizens, our experiences and observations are key early warning indicators. They can contribute to the intelligence assessment. It is when the security services and their political masters refuse to listen and engage; that is why Wa, Ejura and Sene [military brutalities] have happened. So we have to ask ourselves how do we create a conducive environment where we can engage and dialogue.”

“The citizens who are raising their voice, those who are complaining are all driven by one aim; we want to partner and collaborate in a manner that will contribute to a functional, stable society; that allows us to go about our business,” he had said.

Clearly, the assertions of the security expert, indicates that, the very military unprofessional escalations, could have been avoided and the needless killing and brutalization prevented, if the military deployment, was prevented altogether, hence, this justification of this same decision by the regional minister, may well be, an endorsement of the very error, we have arrived at.

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