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2 Military Officers Whose Biological Daughters Are Actresses In The Nollywood Industry; See Details

Some military officers whose daughters went into acting in the Nigerian Nollywood entertainment industry, and became one of the best and talented award winning actresses.

In real life, it is not all that easy for the daughter of a military officer to go into acting. This is because most of them find it to be very bad, disgusting, ill mannered and disappointing, on the fact that their children moving into acting and making some sexual content movies, will definitely tarnish their image as a military personnel. Some military officers believe that such behaviours performed in the movies contradict the good morals they teach their children, so they stop them from going into the movie Industry.

With all the strict orders and commands that are sometimes giving to their children, some still end up becoming film makers. I bring to you two military officers and their daughters who are actresses in the Nigeria Nollywood industry.

1. Daniel Johnson is a former naval officer in Nigeria. Daniel Johnson served in the Nigeria Navy and spent most of his time in Lagos. He is the father to the Nigerian awards winning Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson. Mercy Johnson is the fourth child of his father. She actually hailed from Kogi State in Nigeria. She was made to attend Nigeria Navy primary school in Lagos, because his father was a Navy officer.

Daniel Johnson is the old man wearing white shirt with grey hairs on his head. Whiles Mercy Johnson is the woman who is sitting in-between Daniel Johnson and his wife.

2. James Audu is a retired military army officer, who served and performed most of military duties and services in Lagos, Nigeria. He lived at the Ikeja Military Cantonment. He is the wonderful father of Nollywood actress Esther Ene Audu. Esther Audu whose real name is Esther Ene Audu is a well known Nigerian movie actress, entrepreneur and entertainer. She also grew up from Kogi State.

Mr. James Audu is the old man with the bald head with his lovely daughter, Esther Ene Audu.

Please kindly write what you think about the fact that these ladies having a military fathers, still made it to the movie Industry? Leave your comments on the comment section below.

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