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Can The Military Fix Galamsey Problems After Operation Vanguard Failed?

The media was awashed with news that Nana Addo Has Authorized the Ghana Armed Forces to commence operation to remove all persons & logistics involved in mining from Ghana's water bodies and the question many people ask is, will the military succeed in the fight to fix the galamsey brouhaha? Is the usual military approach sustainable?

Another military approach for tackling galamsey is announced. Two hundred officers are involved in the operation. It's formation and deployment is not different from the previous ones. It's the same old approach where operation Vanguards were deployed that yielded no useful result. 

Operation Vanguard, which was formed in 2017, had 400 men and Galamstop was added later. Military taskforce formed in 2013 "vanished quietly". Could the military eradicate galamsey at Obuasi when they were stationed there long enough to cause a change?

One should be certain that the 200 officers for this new exercise will hardly yield the expected fruit.

The main reason the military can't fix Galamsey is because they can't keep chasing people forever but it will drastically reduce the activities of the illegal mining.

Meanwhile, let's all come together as Ghanaians to fight this social canker because it is destroying our natural resources.

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