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Arrest And Punish Soldiers Involved In The Nkroful Shooting Incident

The youth of Teleku-Bokazo, a community in the Ellembele District of the Western Region, are seething with anger and demanding that soldiers involved in the shooting incident at Nkroful which killed one person and left four others with severe gunshot wounds should be arrested and punished.

They are accusing the police of selective justice – chasing and arresting 10 young people to stand trial for their alleged attack on the Esiama Police Station but turning a blind eye to the more serious crime of taking away another person’s life - the killing and life-threatening injuries caused by the soldiers.

The Teleku Bokazo Youth Association says the offending soldiers must not get away with what they did. They should be made to answer for their actions. There should be justice for the deceased and the injured persons. 

The Nzema youth had earlier blasted the Inspector-General of Police Dr. George Akuffo Dampare, accusing him of insensitivity and called for the President to set up a Commission of Enquiry to probe the shooting incident that happened at the premises of the Nkroful Magistrate Court.

They said they found it deeply chilling that the IGP during his fact-finding visit to the area showed no concern for the life lost and the life-threatening injuries suffered by four other persons.

The police boss, according to the youth was only interested in the damage caused to the Esiama Police Station.

They asked for justice for Andrews Donkor, a native of Teleku-Bokazo, who was shot and killed by a soldier and the injured persons.

This was at a joint press conference organized by the Nzema Koyele Eku, Sharp Africa and Teleku-Bokazo Youth Association at Teleku-Bokazo and addressed by Clement Clinton Blay, Executive Director of Sharp.

A soldier shot into a group of young people, who had gathered at premises of the court to show solidarity with 40 illegal small-scale miners arrested for allegedly entering the mining concession of Adamus Resources Company, to dig for gold on Friday, April 01.

Mr. Blay said the IGP’s visit instead of bringing calm and restoring peace added “salt to the injury of the people”.

He went on; “ever since Adamus Resources Company started its mining activities at Teleku-Bokazo and Anwia communities, the people have never known peace”, citing a litany of brutalities perpetrated by security personnel engaged by the mining company.

He made a reference to an incident that happened on December 22, 2021 – dousing of one Michael Dery alias Budu in petrol and setting him on fire by the security personnel of the company.

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