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Checkout The Greatest Military Parades In The World (Photos)

As part of national holidays such as Independence Day, there are exciting military ceremonies and talent shows for the outstanding Air Force.

Hose is an exceptional case when the military, military and army show their many ranks, divisions and special talents. Their skills are usually related to the security of the nation and the people.

Three of the world's most unorthodox and capable officers have been selected. The accompanying photos for each of these three countries show what they can do.

1. India's specially trained troops

Apart from its famous electoral system, India has one of the strongest armed forces in the world. The military are known for their highly skilled and possibly lethal maneuvers on their motorcycles.

2. North Korea

If you want to know where the most dedicated troops in the world are, just go to North Korea. The automated parade is a prominent military feature.

What's your favorite parade on either side? Let's hear your opinion.

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