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Checkout where and why the drinking of cobra blood is part of the military trainings

The military usually refers generally to a countries army force or sometimes, more specifically, to the senior officers who command them. In general, it refers to the physicality of armed forces, their personnel, equipment, and the physical area which they occupy.

The term military comes from the Latin word 'millitaris' which means soldier so talking of the military we are indirectly but probably talking about soldiers here. Though the military do not only involve soldiers but army like navy, armed forces etc.

The job of the military is to defend, protect and fight for the nation and also fulfil military responsibilities for the nation. In order to achieve these, they have to go through intense trainings which requires a lot but we are going to talk on the one I guess you do not know and never expected.

Did you know that they drink the blood of a cobra? Someone will ask why and where, all these questions will be answered in this article.

The reason why they drink the cobra blood is to feel hydrated and satisfied. If you don't know let me tell you, if you have not drank water for 2 days and eaten as well and you just drink a cobra blood it will quench the thirst and you will feel full and well hydrated.

First is was established in the USA as part of the important trainings but now they've removed that training. Currently, it is done in China, Thailand, India in the city of Goa etc.

It is also done because if maybe they happen to be in the forest or bush somewhere and have nothing to eat or drink, they just trap the cobra and use it. They also learn how to eat wild animals but we won't emphasize on that since that wasn't the reason why we came here.

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