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The cute gentle soldier who will make a perfect march to Ama Serwaa the police officer.

The Ghana Armed Forces: Men in Camo.

The Army is not a playground for soft and gentlemen. It’s a place of rough and serious business.

One keen thing the Armed force does not compromise is indiscipline. As the civilian will say God first, One slogan the military has is “soldier first”. 

Aside from the fierce nature of the job. The institution also has nice appearing men in camouflage. I remember those days before you see a soldier you might have been to their camp. 

Today I had the opportunity to meet one gentle solder called Maxwell in the Standard Chartered banking hall. Guess what? I never knew handsome soldiers exist. Wow, I took his IG handle and found some internet-breaking photos. 

All the 💃.... are over this dude. But people think he's related to one of the hottest police officers called Ama Serwaa. I can see some resemblance. And they kind of have some things in common after going through their if walls.

If they are not related then this two could be a perfect couple. And just imagine the beautiful kids the blood of these two can make. 

Do you see any resemblance?

Do you think they all make perfect couples? 

Just post your comments below.

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