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Africans React to Ecowas' Guinea Coup Update, Slam Their Efforts and Predict Another Coup

The issue of a coup is something that most Africans do not dream of taking place ever again. When memories of the past military regimes with its terror flashes through ones mind, the mere sound of a military officer would put you on your heels.

It is so unfortunate that in this twenty-first century that we are not supposed to tolerate the military into our affairs since it is their duty to protect us from foreign enemies, Africans in certain regions are embracing the rule and take over of the military.

The question that Africans must be asking is whether the civilian rulers have become the military and the military are now becoming the civilians. It is believed that under civilian rule, there would be the absence of the force and authority of the military over the citizens. But it seems that even under the civilian rule, the force and authority of the military is being exerted on citizens in certain parts of Africa. The leaders of Africa must put up measures to address the concerns of certain citizens in certain African countries that are shunning civilian rule, but embracing military rule.

When the late former president of the Republic of Ghana, Jerry John Rawlings came into power after two military coups, he was voted into power through democracy showing the appreciation of his rule by the citizens.

Today, as the military of Guinea has taken over power, they have made reference to Jerry John Rawlings in a bid to cite the notion that they were doing away with corruption from the land of Guinea.

The Ecowas Authority has met to address the issue, but what certain Africans have to say imbibes the notion that they have appreciated the efforts of the military.

Only few among those who has made their comments in the images below stand to commend the Ecowas Chairperson.

As you read through, you would realise that Chenor Umar Sow is of the view that the people of Guinea are not interested in the deliberations of Ecowas. He has alleged that their deliberations are in the interest of themselves and Alpha Conde.

Not all, Wisdom Jeremiah Eklou has also predicted an eminent coup in Togo in the light of recent developments. Let us take note that these are only the opinions of some aggrieved Africans.

Do you think that their attack on Ecowas is in the right direction?



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