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You Can Never Join the Military Or Army If You Are This Type Of Person.

You Can Never Join the Military Or Army If You Are This Type Of Person.

Being a military officer is a dream for millions. While the goal is common. Many are the youths who are struggling to find their way into the Ghana Armed Forces but the sudden part of it is that if you are this type of person you can't join.

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Let's concentrate on the topic "You can never join military or army if you are this type of person"

The process of getting a chance to be working as an Army officer comes with a lot of challenges starting from the documentation, body selection, examination, medicals and finally an interview. This really shows that this work "Army" needs persons who are calm, respectful, hardworking, intelligent, critical thinkers and many more which can not be stated. I am a witness to what is happening at Accra, one of the most famous centers yesterday. Many potential recruits were sacked from the pitch for their indisciplined attitude to go home and be coming back the next morning or day.

But to those who were able to wait outside for about two and half hours were called to go inside again to proceed with whatever they were doing before being sacked. This shows or proves that people without patients can never join the military.

Therefore it is very advisable to every youth out there who wants to have patient if only you are willing to join the military.

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