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Terrorist Threats, We Should Be Worried, Youth Tired Of Voting For Non-Performing Leaders

Ghanaians must be deeply troubled by credible reports that the country could be struck by terrorists as the young people are increasingly becoming disillusioned and tired of standing in queues to vote for non-performing leaders who are unable to give them jobs - meet their expectations, to be useful to themselves and the society.

Emmanuel Bombande, a Senior United Nations (UN) Mediation Advisor, has this to say; “I think we should be worried in the sense that the strategy of extremists and terrorist groups is to insert themselves in your venerability.

They strike based upon perceived marginalization or perceived injustice of one party to the other.” It is for this reason that nobody should discount the warning that Ghana is at high risk of terrorism.

The West African Centre for Counter-Extremism in its latest report has warned that Ghana is at high risk of extremist attack.

The report said threats of extremism were drifting towards the coastal countries from the Sahel region and that Ghana could not be spared considering the happenings in the neighbouring states.

The West Africa Centre for Counter-Extremism report makes a reference to the pockets of political and social unrest in parts of the sub-region to underline its’ conclusion that extremist attack in the country, like a ticking bomb was only waiting to go off -explode.

Burkina Faso, Ghana’s northern neighbour has been struggling with terrorist attacks – the slaughter of women, children and men by soulless extremists.

Emmanuel Bombande said, “if you look at it in terms of recruiting grounds for people who engage in acts of terrorism, we will see how this is spreading more widely than five years ago”.

The Senior UN Mediation Advisor called for the government to act decisively and strongly to stop – neutralize any acts of insurgency to keep the country safe, stable and secured.

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