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Military and police, Joint security task force to be stationed at Agbogbloshie

For a peaceful stay at Agbogbloshie government has issued a joint task security task force, between the military and the police. The security service upon making sure that there is a peaceful transition of traders from Agbogbloshie to Adjen kotoku, did not go well after some unknown men decided to attack the security task force. The police and military upon working together have finally been able to bring peace at Agbogbloshie market. According to the police commander in charge of the operation, the onion sellers who were asked to move have all moved peacefully. But some people are taking advantage of the situation to get things in their favour.

As a result of the recent uproar in Agbogbloshie, the security services have issued a joint task force which would be stationed at Agbogbloshie. This is to protect the people of Agbogbloshie, from these people who would like to attack them. Yesterday, stones and other things were thrown to the security forces this was the cause of this move by government. Most people in Agbogbloshie were complaining of the way the security services is handling the issue, by tear-gas and rubber bullets. They have also criticized president for making this move as they call it bad and would vote against them in the 2024 elections.

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