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People with these 3 kinds of deformities are not recruited by the Ghana Army : (See why)

The security forces in this country aimed at protecting the lives of the people living in this country. They are made to swear to defend the country both internal and external.

Most people have the passion to join the Ghana army but because of some physical challenges, they are denied being recruited into the service.

Today, we shall be looking at the 3 most serious physical conditions on the body that denies an individual from being recruited in Ghana Army.

1. Scars:

People with scars all over the body especially the feet and elbow are denied being recruited into the Army service. This is because scars are vulnerable to hard training. The scars might even get opened in the act of marching.

2. Bleached Skins:

Even though bleached skin is not a deformity but people with this kind of skin are not allowed to join the security services. This is because bleached skins are vulnerable to injuries.

3. Crooked legs:

Also, people with this type of leg are denied in the recruitment process. The reason is, during training which involved running for more than 2 to 3 km, rope climbing, and so on, people with this kind of deformity can not withstand such training.

My advice to the people is that, in case you have these challenges on your body and because you have protocols or links that could fix you in the Army, that's fine. Then you should put this at the back of your mind that your situation can not withstand such tedious training. Your life first.

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