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Why the soldier who killed Osama Bin Laden was sacked from the military

Osama bin awad bin osama bin laden known for shot as osama bin laden was a Saudi Arabian pan Islamic militant who established the militant group al Qaeda and was also one of the family members of the wealthy bin laden family.

He was known for his attacks on United States for exploding the World Trade Center in Manhattan in New York in the United States of America and caused the September 11 stack which took the lives of over 3 thousand people.

He was declared wanted by all three powerhouses in terrorist organizations such as the UNO, NATO, and the United States Army making him the most wanted at that time.

The then President if the untied states president Barrack Obama organized a special team which was named naval United States special warfare development group (6 team 6) who swore to never take praise or admit being part of the special group or risk being fired from the army.

Bin laden was killed through a gunshot wound by Robert O’Neil in a private residential building in abbottabad in Pakistan which was his secret hideout.

He was buried according to Muslim burial rites of burying shortly after death and was laid in the middle of the sea to keep his grave anonymous.

Shortly after the operation Robert O’Neil kept bragging about his military tactical prowess defying the law of the six team six group and was fired from the army for defying orders.

He is now a motivational speaker and has being seen in recent time’s lecturing to people to motivate them to overcome their fears.

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