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Ukraine: NATO alarmed by Russian troops buildup on border

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, also called the NATO, is an intergovernmental military alliance between 28 European countries and 2 North American countries. The organization implements the North Atlantic Treaty that was signed on 4 April 1949.

The military alliance has urged Russia to be "transparent about its army capabilities" on its border with Ukraine. meanwhile, Germany has called on Moscow to exercise "restraint."

A word normally used by the military to remain calm when there is danger approaching somewhere.

Russian tanks conducting military drills close to Ukraine's border

Russian troops recently carried out huge-scale drills inside the border vicinity

NATO Secretary widespread Jens Stoltenberg expressed concern on Monday about Russia's military buildup at the border with Ukraine.

He additionally vowed that the trans-Atlantic protection alliance will stand with Kyiv in the face of any capacity Russian aggression.

What did Stoltenberg say?

"NATO remains vigilant. we are tracking this situation very intently," Stoltenberg stated following a meeting with Ukrainian foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba. "Any further provocation or aggressive actions by Russia might be of serious subject. We call on Russia to be transparent about its miltiary activities." 

Ukraine has estimated that as many 100,000 Russian troops are present within the border place, which Stoltenberg called "risky."

"We see an unusual concentration of troops, and we recognize that Russia has been inclined to use these kinds of military capabilities before to conduct aggressive actions against Ukraine," the NATO chief said.  

Germany, uk also raise alarm

in the meantime, Germany called on Moscow to exercise "restraint" in the border region.

"in order not to in addition worsen an already disturbing situation, it's essential for Russia to exercise restraint on the subject of military activities and moves," German foreign Spokesperson Christofer Burger instructed reporters on Monday. "we are watching these army activities by Russia with concern." 

Germany and Russia: it's complex

the United Kingdom also commented on the escalating situation, and called for team spirit with Ukraine.

"we're seeing a concerning scenario at that border. We remain in unwavering support for Ukraine's territorial integrity and could maintain to support them in the face of Russian hostility," a spokesperson for prime Minister Boris Johnson said.  

the us and France formerly mentioned the accumulation on Sunday. Western nations are mainly worried that Russia can also attempt to invade Ukrainian territory, similar to the Kremlin-backed takeover of the Crimean Peninsula in 2014.

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