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FLYING SIDE KICK REALISTIC COMBAT SYSTEM GH is number one Unarmed combat system for self defense in real situations. This amazing combat system is purposely for self defense was discovered by a young man called kweku Abaka in the Central Region of Ghana. It has been practiced since the year 2000 in the Central Region and now being practiced in the western region as well. it's not sport based combat system due to the nature brutality of the system. The body is used as a weapon for defense for your safety. One great thing about this Africa Knowledge combat system is that it's not only use for self defense but also serves as a way of keeping the body fit at all times. It will be a great benefit for those in the military and the police service to practice the REALISTIC COMBAT SYSTEM GH. Every Martial arts fun will embrace this amazing combat system if one found himself to practice with those who are used to it. it has got a lot of benefits for those practicing it. It prepares one to be brave in defense no matter how the attack may be. It's recommended as the best unarmed combat system discovered for self defense in real situations.please follow me for more updates on this amazing combat system for self defense for your safety.

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