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15,000 Russian soldiers have died in Ukraine so far

According to estimates from the director of the US Central Intelligence Agency, 15,000 soldiers have already lost their lives on the Russian side since Moscow invaded Ukraine

CIA director William Burns stated during a security conference in the US city of Aspen that almost three times as many Russians are believed to have been hurt since the war's beginning on February 24. 

On Wednesday night, Burns stated, "The Ukrainians have suffered as well, perhaps a little less than that." 

Regarding its side's casualties, Russia has not provided any recent data.

According to Burns, the concentration of Russian forces in the eastern Donbass region, which includes Luhansk and Donetsk, indicates that the Russian military has, at least temporarily, learnt from its mistakes at the start of the conflict. 

Russia made unsuccessful early attempts to seize control of Kiev, the Ukrainian capital. 

According to him, the Russian forces have returned to a more secure position and are now using their advantage and long-range firepower to efficiently destroy Ukrainian objectives. 

According to Burns, this is how Moscow makes up for any remaining deficiencies within its military forces.

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